Membership Policy. Rights and responsibilities for different kinds of membership,

commitments, sabbaticals, part-time members, how membership ends.



1.Types of membership

2.Membership commitments

3.Rights and responsibilities

4.The processes by which new members join the community.

a.Visit mandatory before beginning process?

i.Example of “supporting member” then “provisional member” status (pdf

p. 245, book p. 224)

b.Trial period before formal acceptance into community (three months? six?



6.Part-time members

7.The processes by which members may leave the community, or if, they will be reimbursed any of their membership fees or other


8.Grounds for, and the process of, asking someone to leave the community.

9.Expulsion Policy


Reference Links

●”Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional

Communities” Chapter 7 – (PDF of full book)





Investor: Real Example


question: what would the actual arrangement be if I put up all the money, you put in the

majority of the up-front work, and others join after the land is secured to begin working it?


impetus: not able right now to focus on homestead scouting and our shared belief in the

primacy of self-sufficiency and with you wanting to focus on a self-sufficient IC but being

without the funds.


goals: get the properties at a significant discount (30% or more), which I think is feasible if we

buy multiple lots and pay with cash.


Specific requests:



●benefit in the community


mechanism: ability to equitably divest ourselves of the property should we all agree that the

experiment has run its course.



Crowdfunding / Cryptocurrency Hybrid

Basic idea: to disconnect the idea that contributing $XXX entitles one to Y square feet

of private land.


Cons: complexity

1.crowdfund (even if it’s only offered to a limited number of people, group members or

whatever) something like a ‘Paleo Island’ concept.

2.Each contributor’s dollars are converted to a group bitcoin derivative (or whatever),

and credited to their wallet.

3.actual dollars are used to purchase land

4.currency is backed not by mining or mining analogs (like the original bitcoin), but by

the amount of land. so the money supply expands with the addition of new land



Cash-in / Cash-out



Crowdfunding (cash)


Cryptocurrency (cash)



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