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The least civilized, most paleoest, ültra permaculturized community with the highest levels of rewildedness in the last 12,000 years.

Join us today and share our mission to liberate land and minds through a regenerative rewilded permaculture.


FERALCULTURE is an online and real-world intentional community hell bent on freeing as much land from industrial agriculture as possible. Coupled with that is a belief that the seeds of agriculture sprout into the control and domination orientation of domesticated life. We value the wild, and disvalue the taming of our home planet.

We concentrate on a distributed network of small nodes of land rather than large contiguous parcels.

The FERALCULTURE concept of land procurement and liberation is simple. To maximize access to land and flexibility for all members, we target relatively low-priced properties as near as possible to landscapes containing an abundance of wild food, or conducive to nudging life along through permaculture design.

What this looks like in practice is beautiful semi-remote areas adjacent to forests, lakes, mountains, rivers, oceans, beaches withing walking distanace of public lands with hunting, fishing, and foraging opportunities that we don’t have to “own”, and small gardens and/or camps that people can migrate freely between as groups or individuals.

More about The Land.

All community members are welcome to come and go to any group property as they please. Joining Fees go to expanding the number of land nodes.

We find that sedentism leads to a range of social drama, and follow the immediate-return hunter-gatherer norm of a nomadic, semi-nomadic, or non-sedentary mode of existence. The groups’ concept of multiple clusters of property nodes in various bioregions assist in this goal and allow fission-fusion groups to ebb and flow with the desires of individuals and the call of the seasons.

More on the Community

Permaculture as a tool for rewilding ecosystems toward a hunter-gatherer mode of immersive life.

Rated the #1 semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer land liberation permaculture intentional community by some people we may know.


Some FERALCULTURE Highlights


Hunter-gatherer lifeways have been all but extinguished by agricultural-industrial colonization. Building a new culture is part of our mission.

It’s like if the “you can’t go back” people actually read the work of Yale anthropologist James C. Scott instead of regurgitating status quo defending platitudes.

Land Access

Liberate land by the meter² for as little as $1.

Our “fees” aren’t structured around building roads, greenwashed eco-mansions, or prepper compounds, but around the cost of land. Becoming a member is tied to liberating 2,000 m² (about 1/2 acre). We are a land-based community, not a construction or energy-based community.

$7 for 7 m². Get it.

Decivilizing and Undomestication

Modern humans have been psychologically trained to have their energies redirected for the benefit of other humans. Rewilding the mechanistic socialization riddling our minds is important as rewilding bodies.

Think Scientology®, but with way less electrodes and weird stuff, and way more foraging and wood carving.

Earth-Based Skills

Learn to build and manufacture personal tools, gear, and clothing from natural materials and the salvaged remnants of industrial metals.

We value skills over stuff, and strive to hone as many as we can.


Seriously though. Sometimes this community is about good food. Wild food has a way of connecting humans to a degree of vitality that is difficult to achieve in the aisles of the grocery store or caged animals.

Forks optional. Knives required.

Regenerative Biodiversity.

We’re all on the same page about “sustainability” having already been recuperated by spectacular capitalism, yes? Good

Considering permaculture in its wildest iteration, pushing life to the brink of Zones 4 and 5, we humbly embark on reversing some of the biodiversity slaughtered by anthropocentric agriculture.

Reverence for the Wild

Since the agricultural devolution began some thousands of years ago, various strains of human culture have engaged in experiments to domesticate life, and caused mass extinctions and the domestication of our own species. However unintended, the consequences have been devastating and tragic.

We don’t like that, and we shall resist it, thank you very much.

Focus on Play

Inspired by the genius paper by Peter Gray, “Play as a Foundataion for Hunter-Gatherer Social Existence”, we seek to reintroduce humor and play as mechanism for social stability, rather than the dominance fallacies of Hobbesian brainwashing.



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