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α Site launch!

The alpha.0.1 launch of the FERALCULTURE website extension of our real-world paleo permaculture rewilding wannabe hunter-gatherer intentional community is upon us. What started as an idea and a facebook (which, yes, we loathe for many reasons) group in 2012 resulted in the purchase (we prefer, “liberation”) of our first community node property in the summer of 2014. And now, as foretold by the shaman ancestors that we made up so this would sound prophetic, we have a website.

Many of the features of the site remain under heavy development, some are still in the experimental phase, and the absence of documentation will lead to a bit of confusion. Here’s a quick overview of what the site is supposed to be, and what may or may not be functioning in a smooth way when you visit the site.

(website bug reports)


The community component is one of the main reason for the site’s existence, and is comprised of Forums and Groups. “Groups” can be used for something like committees that discuss the topics they’re organized around, and make decisions on behalf of the Communiaty (which the group can override via its decision-making process), and “Forums” are more free-form and open discussions that don’t necessarily have bearing on the Community. Said another way, Groups might be thought of as more for core “members” involved in our face-t0-face Community and Forums for anyone who wishes to participate in discussions.

Forums – Status 67%

Generally speaking, the forums are ready to use. Some problems will arise and tweaks will need to be made. The main thing to notice here is that the forums are not arranged completely to our satisfaction. Over the next days-weeks, some of them may be reorganized. However, topics, comments, posts, replies, et cetera will not be lost during this process, so the forums can be used immediately. Just know that some content may be moved from one forum to another, and/or forum names may change.

What’s working:

  • New Discussion Posts
  • Replies
  • Point rewards for posting, commenting, and generally interacting with the community.

What’s not exactly working or complete:

  • Sticky posts with forum rules and hints about what to talk about
  • The arrangement of the categories is incomplete
  • Moar posts

Groups – Status 83%

Groups are ready to use.

What’s working:

  • Group interactions, uploading of pictures, comments, etc.
  • Group Forums (discussion forums for each group)
  • User Profiles – Please upload a profile image!
  • Points awarded for interacting, inviting new members, etc.

What’s not exactly working or complete:

  • All of the groups have not been created, nor users added to appropriate groups.
  • Creation of new groups is limited to admins until we can resolve a spam group creation problem.
  • If you register for FERALCULTURE using a Facebook account, the images are not imported properly, which results in weird ovals in your profile. Solution: upload a new profile image.

Library – Status 41%

The group library is very important to us. We are overwhelmed by bad (read: wrong) ideas about hunter-gatherer lifeways, intentional communities, diet, organic farming, social issues, and a host of memes used daily and often unconsciously to defend the status quo by well-meaning (sometimes) individuals. Rather than point folks to a file here and there, we are developing a comprehensive reference source for these ideas we hold as “sacred”.

What’s working:

  • Books, Book Chapters, and Article display and download
  • Points

What’s not exactly working:

  • “Add New” content (uploading).

News & Updates – Status 91%

What’s working:

  • Most of it

What’s not exactly finished:

  • Content creation

Land Liberation – Status 77%

Of course we’re 0.00001% complete when it comes to actually liberating land on earth. In this case, we’re referring to the mechanics of liberating land through this site. In other words, accepting payments for membership/subscription fees and contributions for the purpose of liberating land. Additionally, we have planned the ability to facilitate donations of land to the Community.

Seriously good news though: you can contribute immediately via PayPal subscriptions. That is great news, and we cordially invite you to join our mission.

What’s working:

What’s not exactly working or complete:

  • The design (visual and process) for collecting payments and memberships (see how ugly this is?).
  • Facilitation of land donations
  • Facilitation of money donations
  • Points integration. You will receive credit, but some things require manual adjustment with a slight delay.

Points – Status 59%

We have implemented a points system to increase user engagement, and socially reward people who contribute to the online community’s function.

What’s working:

  • “Point” rewards for generating community glue through social and site interactions.
  • Point rewards for subscriptions and land liberation.
  • Points for viewing content
  • Points for creating content
  • Points for interacting/commenting on content
  • Points for sharing on Twitter, Facebook, etc. (experimental)

What’s not exactly working or complete:

  • We have fun plans for this functionality that remain Top Secret
  • Points rewarded for various things may be adjusted up or down.
  • Some things are not fully integrated and require manual adjustment.
  • Display of points in forums/profiles.

Content 19%

What’s working:

  • The mechanics of adding and displaying content

What’s not exactly working or complete:

  • Slider images on home page cut people up in strange ways
  • FAQ
  • Various pages relating to the group’s vision
  • Forums
  • Original post (blog) content

(website bug reports)

This post has been a long time a’comin’! To those who have endured the wait, thank you for your patience. For those new to the project, thank you for your future patience. Now let’s go, we have some land and minds to liberate. Join us.

Toward the wild,



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